Brazos Valley Wrestling Club
College Station, Texas
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Frequently Asked Questions

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    What equipment will be needed for the wrestler?


    You will be required to purchase the following: Singlet Warmups Wrestling Shoes Headgear
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    How are the wrestlers matched up?


    Wrestlers are matched up based on weight classes as well as age. Weight classes are about 4-8 lbs apart and age divisions are typically grouped in 2 year increments. Go to this link to determine what weight class and age division your wrestler may be in (updated annually):
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    Is every wrestler required to compete in tournaments?


    Yes. We are a competitive club and want to encourage every wrestler to compete in tournaments. The best way to learn what the coaches teach at practice is through live competition. As a member of Brazos Valley Wrestling Club, you will be expected to attend a minimum of 5 tournaments. Each year, we will let you know which tournaments at least one coach will be attending.
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    What is expected of the parents?


    1. A positive attitude AT ALL TIMES and continued support on and off the mat. 2. To drive wrestler(s) to and from all practices and tournaments. You will also help your wrestler keep track of their bracket, get warmed up, and notifying a coach when it is their turn to compete. 3. Work time clocks / scoring tables at tournaments (we will train you). 4. Help run our local Crossroads Classic Tournament hosted by BVWC in the Fall and Houston Nationals the 2nd weekend of January.
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    What does my club fee pay for and what other out of pocket expenses can I expect?


    Your membership fees cover the costs of the monthly rental of the Wellborn Community Center and a few club incidentals like mat tape and antibacterial solution for cleaning mats. All coaches are parent volunteers. Each family will be responsible for wrestling gear, all tournament registration fees--approximately $17 for local tournaments and $35-40 for national/state tournaments per wrestler, all traveling costs including a hotel room if an overnight stay is needed for a tournament, and all entry fees for family members at tournament venues.
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    When is the wrestling season?


    The season runs from mid-late September through the end of February. The 2018-2019 season begins with an Open House practice on Monday, September 17th, and is open to anyone interested in the club. Tournaments start early November, and the final State Championship tournament is at the end of February.
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    What fundraising will I be expected to participate in?


    Our fundraising efforts will consist of hosting the Crossroads Classic Tournament, a local youth wrestling tournament in College Station. All BVWC families will be expected to participate in some way such setup and take down of the mats, etc,, working the weigh-in station, working the admissions tables, helping out with scoring tables, etc. Details to follow...
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